The Battle of Solar and the Grid

Posted by Sam Quennell on 05-Feb-2020 14:21:12

There’s no doubt Australia is playing its part in embracing renewable energy and contributing to the fight against climate change. After all, we as a country did commit to the Paris Agreement. What we didn’t plan for…was the grid being overloaded and network distributors placing export limitations on residential solar systems. Thus, the debate started as to whether it’s fair that two houses side-by-side don’t have the same benefits of solar purely because of the date of installation. The reality is electricity was never meant to move in two directions.

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Solar Inverters and High Grid Voltage

Posted by Sam Quennell on 29-Jan-2020 15:51:14

Is your solar inverter tripping throughout the day and you have no idea why? We have been asked this question a lot lately from our customers. The good news is it isn’t the inverter that is causing the issue. It’s high grid voltage and it’s becoming an ongoing problem not just in Victoria, but across Australia.

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Topics: grid connection, demand response, voltage, electricity price

The Risks of High Voltage

Posted by Sam Quennell on 29-May-2019 11:37:37

High voltage issues are often ignored or simply not even considered. However, if not managed properly, it can become an annoying problem for your household. In Australia, the normal grid voltage is between 225 and 240 Volts (V). Voltage levels will fluctuate during the day depending on how much power is being drawn from the grid, and how much solar is being sent back. It is up to the electricity distributor to monitor the voltage levels; however, it is becoming more difficult to keep voltage levels below 254V.

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