Summer grid blackouts

Posted by Sam Quennell on 04-Dec-2019 13:56:45

It’s echoed across the country (around this time) each year that ‘summer blackouts’ are inevitable. Some of us choose to listen, whilst others simply shrug it off. The fact is, there has never been more evidence to suggest that the grid is working overtime. Not just in Western Australia and South Australia either, but right here in our backyard of Victoria.

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Exclusive PowerResponse Opportunity

Posted by Lillie Gredley on 17-Jul-2018 14:35:52

Eko Energy are pleased to invite customers to join EnergyAustralia's PowerResponse program.

The PowerResponse program received funding as part of ARENA's Advancing Renewables Program - Demand Response and is available for a limited time only. Join and receive:

  • Discounted electricity rate from EnergyAustralia
  • $1,000 credit on your bill
  • Additional credits for each demand response event*
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