Solar VIC Helping Bushfire Affected Areas

Posted by Sam Quennell on 22-Jan-2020 14:49:20

It has been a devastating summer so far with bushfires wreaking havoc in Victoria and other States across Australia. However, there has been immense support from people and businesses all over the world, willing to donate money to organisations set-up to help those desperately in need.

Solar Victoria has set-up assistance for those affected directly by the bushfires. A great initiative that will enable Victorians to seek help and clarification about their solar systems.

‘Solar Victoria applicants, existing customers and businesses experiencing disruption or financial hardship as a result of the bushfires are entitled to hardship provisions.’

So, who can seek assistance? Below is from Solar Victoria’s website.

You might be a customer:

  • with a Solar Homes loan who lives in a bushfire affected area and is experiencing financial hardship as a result of the fires
  • with an open or approved application with Solar Victoria requiring further documentation, or your system is awaiting installation
  • who has installed a solar system with a Solar Homes rebate and your property or solar system has been destroyed or damaged by the bushfires

You might be a retailer:

  • whose business has been damaged or destroyed
  • who is not able to work as a result of the fires
  • working in bushfire affected areas and unable to continue at this time.

Some immediate measures that Solar Victoria has already committed to are pausing repayments of interest-free loans and extending applications and installations in fire affected towns.

It is important that if you are one of the above, you call Solar Victoria and find out more about how they can help you in your situation. The best contact number is 1300 376 393.