Jim's Energy transforms into ekoenergy

Posted by Sam Quennell on 08-Mar-2019 10:16:04

Following a decision not to progress a franchise model, Echo Group has moved away from the Jim's Energy brand, and has officially become ekoenergy.

ekoenergy is a recognised and established brand within the Australian solar industry. The business was originally launched in 2007 by CEO and Co-Founder of Echo Group, Erik Zimmerman, becoming the trailblazer for the "solar neighbourhoods" (community solar purchasing) approach. Since its inception, ekoenergy has installed over 8,000 solar systems across the country, with plenty more installations in the pipeline. Furthermore, the move to an "in house" brand ensures ekoenergy can continue to grow and provide industry leading bulk buy pricing, quality products and impeccable service.

The ekoenergy team are excited about the brand relaunch, given the history associated with working closely with communities, and bringing solar to life. There has never been a more perfect alignment to the Echo Group vision "re imagine sustainable" than now, and with the Federal and State governments throwing their support behind solar, it really is time to start believing in renewable energy.

So what exactly does this mean for you?

  • The only change is the name. The terms and conditions of Jim's Energy contracts are with the parent company, Echo Group Corporation Pty Ltd, and hence contracts remain as is.
  • The phone number is now 1300 740 784 or alternatively you can dial direct 03 8560 2992.
  • Your warranty is unchanged and remains with Echo Group (as it always has been under Jim's Energy). Echo Group is a leading (top 8) Australian commercial solar installer. Our approved solar retailer status with the Clean Energy Council will be transferred to ekoenergy.
  • Please look out for your Renewable Energy Consultant's new email address at the bottom of their emails.

Please note that Jim's Group HQ may choose to sell the Jim's Energy brand to another company. If that occurs, this new entity will have no relationship with us. If you have/had a good experience with us as Jim's Energy, please refer friends and family to ekoenergy (NOT Jim's Energy).

The ekoenergy commitment in bringing solar to life throughout Australian communities has never been stronger and we look forward to being a part of your journey.


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