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Posted by Lillie Gredley on 25-Jan-2018 16:18:05
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As 2017 comes to a close, Jim’s Energy, celebrates its launch and huge growth, having already installed solar systems for hundreds of customers throughout Victoria. Divisional Manager, Erik Zimmerman says:


"Jim’s Energy has grown beyond expectations hitting our forecast annual budget in just 6 months. Jim’s Energy continues to grow with the launch of NSW next month and we are currently assessing an opportunity to launch a new territory in New Zealand later this year." 


The Jim’s Group has noticed significant trends during the last 12 months and these include: 

  • An increase in solar being installed – 600 square metres of solar is being installed every hour throughout Australia
  • As energy costs increase, customers are increasingly looking to become more energy efficient and sustainable; and
  • There is continued success for customers and Franchisees alike who work with the trusted Jim’s Group.

 One of Jim’s Energy success stories of the year was delivering a Solar Bulk Buy program in the Shire of Strathbogie. Working closely with the council and the Yarra Energy Foundation, Jim’s Energy has delivered solar systems to over 90 residents with another 85 in the pipeline.

Jim's Energy is anticipating a busy year ahead involving further increased growth with another council and the Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association Solar Bulk Buy programs commencing in March. Jim’s Energy is actively seeking qualified solar system installers in order to meet growing customer demand.


 “As a leading solar installer, Jim’s Energy is proud to be a part of Jim’s Group. We make something that can be a complex minefield, simple. Customer service is central to everything we do and this commitment combined with a trusted brand like Jim’s means it’s a win-win for our customers.” says Erik.


CEO of Jim’s Group, Jim Penman, said he attributes recent growth to an increased focus on outstanding customer service, with automated review and feedback systems. Recent improvements in customer service are driven by heavy investments in IT. Jim’s Group now spends more than $1 million dollars per year on software development to increase efficiency and improve service to customers and Franchisees.


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