4 big reasons to go solar in 2018

Posted by Lillie Gredley on 31-Aug-2017 16:28:22
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No matter how many panels you can fit on your roof, going solar will certainly have a positive impact in reducing your electricity bills and carbon emissions.

  • Generous return on investment
  • Feed-in tariffs
  • Battery ready status
Generous return on investment

The payback period will depend on the size and output of your solar system, the c/kWh price you pay for electricity and the feed-in tariff you have secured. A typical payback achieved on a residential solar energy system is 4-7 years. At the end of your payback period, customers can expect a generous return on investment of between 15-20%, well above current interest rates. The lifetime of solar systems can exceed 25 years, leaving you with between 18 and 21 years of free energy from the sun!

Solar energy is now, without a doubt, the cheapest form of energy available. Why continue to pay rising electricity costs when you can hedge your electricity prices for the next 25 years!

Feed-in Tariffs

In Victoria, minimum feed-in tariffs (FiTs) have just increased to 11.3c/kWh and vary elsewhere in the country. Jim's Energy can help you secure a market leading FiT to maximise the return of your system.

Battery ready status

While the residential battery storage market matures, you can take the first step towards zero electricity bills and install solar. A Jim's Energy solar system is compatible with major PV battery storage brands including Tesla.

Why Jim's?

Our energy efficiency experts provide customised quotes, tailored to your individual energy consumption patterns. If we believe a solar solution is not the best option for you, will be sure to let you know!

Jim's Energy is part of Australia's largest, most trusted franchise; Jim's Group. Established in 1982 with 3,500 franchisees nationwide, Jim's has a proven track record for quality. 

Jim's Energy is also part of Echo Group, a 100% Australian owned and operated company. Jim's Energy, and Echo Group's affiliated businesses, have installed thousands of solar PV systems in Australia since 2007.

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